Youth Substance Abuse education


Description: Wake Up is an alcohol and drug education program that targets offenders 12-22 years of age. It is designed to address behaviors and attitudes towards drugs and alcohol by exposing youth to real life consequences of impaired decision making. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their beliefs about alcohol and drug use and its effects on their lives: themselves, family, friends and community. 

Outcomes: 187 youth participated in the Wake Up! program between July 1 2019-June 30 2020, with 117 completing all 3 components of the program.

Reasons for Referral: 165 marijuana related offense, 17 alcohol related offense, 2 prescription drug related offense, 1 tobacco related offense, 2 non-drug related offenses

98% of participants did not have a rearrest.

99% of participants would recommend the program to a friend.

Story: “Before this program I did not realize see how big of a problem drinking and drugs with teens are. Now I see how just starting with moderate use can quickly become abuse and you can move onto new drugs for a new high. I feel that in a way I was abusing marijuana by smoking consistently all day and since this event has occurred, I have slowed down I am glad I had because I don’t know if I would’ve tried any other new drugs because I was under the influence. Any of the hard drugs never really interested me but looking back my judgement was highly impaired, and I easily could have. This program helped me see how easily you can ruin your life and be abused while under the influence. It’s sad that people take advantage of people when they are most vulnerable.” – Wake up! participant

One day our guest speaker was out in the community and a former Wake Up! participant went up to her and told her since attending the program, she enrolled back in school, was on track to graduate on time, and has been drug free. The participant told the guest speaker how inspirational her story was and how it resonated with her to get her life in order no matter how many setbacks she comes across in the future.

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Botvin’s Life Skills

Description: Botvin LifeSkills Training (LST) is a research-validated substance abuse prevention program proven to reduce the risks of alcohol, tobacco, drug abuse, and violence by promoting healthy alternatives to risky behavior through activities designed to:

  • Teach students the necessary skills to resist social (peer) pressures to smoke, drink, and use drugs.
  • Help students to develop greater self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Enable students to effectively cope with anxiety
  • Increase their knowledge of the immediate consequences of substance abuse
  • Enhance cognitive and behavioral competency to reduce and prevent a variety of health risk behaviors

Outcomes: 120 youth participated in this cohort.

Unfortunately, because COVID prevented us from finishing the cohort, there is no data.

Story: Due to AzYP’s long history with facilitating this curriculum, the agency was invited to Paradise Valley High School to provide this training to all the P.E. Classes in partnership with the school’s High School Health and Wellness Program funded by the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Families.

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