Wyman TOP Club has a successful food drive!

40 TOP (Teen Outreach) club participants at AmeriSchools Academy in Pima County conducted a food drive over the 2019 holiday season. Together,  they raised over 500 pounds of canned food. A portion of the canned foods were donated to families within the school, while the other 268 pounds were donated to the local food bank. The donation was so heavy, the food bank needed a forklift to transport it all!

TOP is a program that acknowledges how adolescence is a time of rapid change and growth-physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. It is a time of great potential- a window of opportunity for young people to learn and practice new skills in safe and supportive environments, through curriculum and Community Service Learning. The programs 4 primary goals are; Improve social and emotional learning and life skills, support development of a positive sense of self, strengthen connections to others and improve academic outcomes and decrease risky behavior.

It can be provided at middle schools and foster care group homes in Pima and Santa Cruz counties.