Stronger Families Project

Description: Stronger Families Project is designed for both parents/caregivers and their youth ages 10-14 to attend together. It utilizes the Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14 curriculum, an evidence-based program that has been shown to reduce substance use in youth. The program gives families tools and strategies to strengthen the family unit, teaching the importance of love and limits in a family.


  • 92 adults in 6 counties completed the 8-week, Stronger Families Project
  •  71  youth attended the program

Families experienced the following:

  • 11% increase in family cohesion which means the families felt a closer bond with each other that opens up communication and trust in the family.
  • 10.5%  increase in parent knowledge of risk and harm of abuse of alcohol and other controlled substances.
  • 98% of the adults were satisfied with the way the class was conducted and 100% of the participants would recommend the program to family or friends.

Story: The relationships Arizona Youth Partnerships creates is long lasting within the family as well as with the staff. The Sahuarita Cohort from 2019 had a blended family join us. It was rare to see but heart warming in that we had one youth that brought the two families together to have a common interest. On the first day mom said that they were here to have a unified front with their youth that was in both homes for equal amounts of time. We had two biological parents with their significant others along with all the youth in total of 7 joining us each week to learn about the Strengthening families program 10-14 tools. After eight weeks the youth was more open and had a change of attitude as the first couple weeks they did not want to be there. At dinner you could see and hear the different conversations and how they were all enjoying to be together even with their differences they made it a point to be there and graduate learning some new skills along the way.

Curriculum info: Strengthening Families Program for Parents and Youth ages 10-14

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