Starting Out Right Curriculum

Description: The focus of the Starting Out Right curriculum is to guide young mothers through a healthy pregnancy by providing information on what to anticipate during pregnancy, how to plan for labor, and how to parent their newborn. Starting Out Right offers teen-specific, unbiased facilitation which is grounded in the principles of brain-based learning and assists adolescents in making sense of class material related to pregnancy and parenting. Facilitators of Starting Out Right provide best practices and medically accurate information to help clients make choices during

pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum period.

Outcomes: During this year we were able to present the curriculum at various conferences, both in person and virtual where the curriculum as well received.  The 3 ½ day Starting Out Right training has previously been offered in person. We are transitioning this to a virtual training opportunity which will allow more options for those that want to receive the Starting Out Right curriculum training and certification for their organizations.

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