Debbie and Ken

The first session of Active Parenting: First Five years got off to a great start! Over 70 people were registered from Gila County. Debbie and Ken were participants in our Starting Out Right Program when they had their son three years ago. Ken had recently returned from the Marines and at times had a hard time connecting with their son. I was so happy to see them at the first session. Ken was sometimes anxious from PTSD, but he shared with me that the classes were helping him to learn how to interact more with his son and set up a routine to follow. Debbie works full time, and Ken is a stay-at-home parent. By the last class, Ken sad he wished there were more because he enjoyed the classes so much and they gave him a reason to leave the house and interact with other people.

I was at the store the other day, and heard someone say, “Hey!”, and when I turned around it was Debbie, Ken, and their son shopping together as a family. Debbie had a big smile on her face when Ken asked “When are the next Parenting Classes?” To me, this makes all we do, worth it!