Harbor House staff helps young man

arizona youth partnership harbor house

A young man in our care came to Basic Center in July 2018.  He was on probation, and was kicked out of his mother’s home.  He hadn’t been attending school regularly, and had a hopeless attitude.  He took the full cohort of the Botvin’s LifeSkills Transitions curriculum.  During the classes, he was engaged, helpful and inquisitive. 

This young man learned the basics of cooking, laundry, budgeting and resume building while in the program.  He also completed his terms of probation, and was released from probation.

Our Case Manger helped enroll in GED classes, and he obtained his GED.   He was also enrolled in the AZ @ Work program to gain employment skills and truly evolved into a successful participant and is currently working and saving money.  He was gainfully employed, and worked in the community.  He was served in the RHY bed until he could no longer stay within the 21 days and AZYP housed him with other funding.  He turned 18 in September, and Basic Center staff were able to help him find housing and furnish his new residence.