First Things First

AZYP’s Parenting Education program, supported by First Things First, Freeport-McMoRan and United Fund of Globe-Miami, Inc., provides community-based parenting classes and supportive services to caregivers of children birth to five years old in Gila County. Parenting classes cover how infants explore their environment through touch, how to handle toddler tantrums, the connection between reading and language, parent/child bonding, how to identify and encourage reaching developmental milestones, and so much more! Supportive services include community referrals, developmental screenings, and access to books, diapers, and car seats.


  • 203 adults and caregivers of children birth to five received First Things First funded Active Parenting First Five Years education and support from Gila County Parenting Educators

Story: “Nick” was one of the first participants to sign up for our virtual parenting education program; he had just learned he had a 12-month-old son. Up until this point, the mother of his child told him the child was not his. However, on the child’s first birthday, the mother of his child filed for child support and requested a DNA test. “Nick” was more than happy to comply as he wanted to be part of his child’s life and the DNA test confirmed he was the child’s biological father. “Nick” could not wait to start the parenting education classes and, in the meantime, he had requested visitation of his son. Our educator, Charlene Becker, was able to get “Nick” enrolled in our virtual parenting classes via Zoom, which worked perfect for him at work as he is a firefighter with a unique schedule. “Nick” finished all four classes in the series, and we provided him with a completion certificate and letter showing he completed the parenting education series. Because of the Active Parenting classes, “Nick” was able to take the certificate and letter to his court hearing on visitation and he now gets his son overnight! “Nick” loved the classes and said they helped him immensely.

Curriculum info:

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