Survey reveals community perceptions on substance abuse, underage drinking in Copper Corridor

The Copper Corridor Community Substance Abuse Coalition recently reported the results of a survey of community members to help them focus their efforts. The surveys took responses from Adult and Youth community members in the Globe and Superior area in March and April of 2019.

Arizona Youth Partnership Coalition Coordinator Bridget Penate was excited to see the results of the survey to focus the work of the Coalition on items the community felt were most important. From the survey results, Penate and her fellow Coalition members are able to bring light to the issues of Subtance Abusse and Underage Drinking in our Copper Corridor.

This survey helps us put the pieces together to make the Copper Corridor Drug Free and our Youth to have a Healthy future.

Bridget Penate, Arizona Youth Partnership Coalition Coordinator

Some highlights from the Adult survey response:

  • 43% considered underage alcohol consumption a “Very Great” concern
  • 42% considered Marijuana use by youth a “Very Great” concern

Youth survey highlights:

  • The most frequently seen message about substance abuse is “how drugs can harm youth”
  • 19 of 87 youth ages 12-20 in the Copper Corridor report consuming alcohol in the prior 30 days.

The Copper Corridor Coalition is funded by SAMSHA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) with a Drug Free Communities grant. The coalition is made up of community members and facilitated by Arizona Youth Partnership. The coalition meets regularly and always welcomes inquiries and participation from the community. For more information contact