Copper Corridor partners for Mock DUI at Superior High School

This was an eye opener for me. I knew what was going to happen in the Mock DUI, but my heart sank once I seen all the kids in their makeup and staged. Just seeing the whole process that goes is amazing and how hard everyone works to help the victims. I am sooooo thankful for the hard work that Fire Fighters, Police, EMTs and Air Evac and everyone else involved do on a daily basis.

Message from Superior Fire Dept.
Superior Fire Department, in partnership with Superior Police Department, Queen Valley Fire District, Kearny EMS, Phi Air Evac, Native Air, Superior Mortuary, and Arizona Youth Partnership, worked together to put on a student presentation for the Superior Junior/Senior High School students displaying the effects of distracted driving/driving under the influence. Superior School District administration allowed the event to take place on the football field as a simulated vehicle collision response took place. Although the event timeframe was expedited, it played out like a real incident response but with narration of the police and fire department actions on scene. Role players played the passengers in the vehicles, to include one that played a deceased role as well as one that played the role of a drunk driver. SFD would also like to thank the Florence PD Alarm Room (SFD’s dispatch), Southwest Towing for help with the vehicles, and the make up artists Sabrina Guerra & Thomas Medina who helped make the crash victims look realistic.