cute baby
Bella enrolled during her pregnancy when she was 16. Her daughter Arabella was born a couple of months later. Despite being 7 months pregnant at enrollment she still completed all of her Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth Education classes. After her daughter was born she attend our parenting classes, both while Arabella was an infant and again as a toddler a year later. She has remained active throughout her time, coming to support groups and special events. Recently she shared with her Case Manager/Parenting Educator a concern over Arabella’s speech. Arabella lives in a dual language household and sometimes struggles flipping back and forth between languages. Our Case Manager reviewed the developmental screening tool with Bella and spoke to her about growth, development and milestones. Together they found resources to support Arabella in a dual language environment and researched preschools with her that would meet her needs. Arabella is now enrolled in a preschool and is receiving speech therapy due to her young mother learning how to advocate for her daughter’s needs through our support. Bella has reported that Arabella has never been happier.