Arizona Youth Partnership responds to Opioid crisis in Western Pima County/Ajo area

Community Support for Response to Opioid Misuse

Arizona Youth Partnership’s (AZYP) is pleased to announce new funding for a local program in Ajo, AZ called Stronger Families, Stronger Communities. This program, funded by the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Familieswill target adults who are parents/caregivers of youth in this rural community.

The goal of Stronger Families, Stronger Communities is to address opioid use, overdose risk and prevention of opioid use by utilizing the strategies in the AZ RX Toolkit developed by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Parent participants will participate in Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) parenting education and the youth in Botvin’s LifeSkills Training. These curriculum-based trainings, which will provide participants with goal-setting, communication and decision-making skills, will be support by follow up contact with each family.

According to the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission’s 2018 Arizona Youth Survey, 8th and 10th grade students in Ajo report a higher than State Average perception in the following areas: Family Conflict (43.6%), Poor Family Management (38.2%) and Parental Attitudes Favorable to Drug Use (48.2%) These perceptions put youth at higher risk for initiation of drug use and eventual misuse, poor school performance, other illegal/unsafe activities and dependence.

In addition to these two curricula-based programs, the already established Ajo Substance Abuse Prevention and Education (SAPE) Coalition will work with community partners to disseminate information in the community and on campus regarding opioids, distribute lock boxes and pill pods to restrict access.

AZYP in Ajo was one of 10 organizations in Arizona awarded this funding.

AZYP is beginning recruitment for families to participate in this project.

AZYP is a recognized leader in Arizona since 1990 for its expertise in providing prevention and community building resources to help youth grow up to be healthy, self-sufficient adults.  AZYP offers a continuum of care for youth and families to prevent risky behavior and to add services to intervene and help youth and families out of crisis.  AZYP wide range of programming assists youth of all ages in school-based, after-school and shelter settings. AZYP also helps the communities it serves to identify and solve, key youth problems through community coalitions. Programming includes how to build healthy relationships, strengthen families and avoid substance abuse. The overriding goal of AZYP’s services is to help youth prevent risky behavior and grow up to be healthy, self-sufficient adults.