Wake Up!

Wake Up! is a diversion program for individuals aged 12-22 who have been arrested for drug and/or alcohol related charges. This three-part program allows participants to consider their choices and thought processes in an environment where they are free from judgement and are given perspective regarding the decisions they make.  

A one-on-one visit to Banner Medical Center exposes participants to the harsh realities of consequences that can and do occur because of drugs and alcohol. In order to complete the program successfully, the participants complete 10 hours of community service and a 500-word essay to express their journey throughout the program. 


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Wake Up!

Recommended for youth who have had a first-time offense for substance use
  • 94% of previous participants have not been re-arrested for a similar offense since completing Wake Up!.
  • 81% of the youth in Wake Up! said they would say no if offered alcohol
  • 70% of the youth in Wake Up! reported they would say no if someone offered them marijuana or hashish
  • 96% of the youth said they would recommend Wake Up! to their peers

Real Stories

Testimonials from just a few of our valuable program participants, educators, and community members.

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