Starting Out Right Curriculum

Pregnant adolescents have unique needs and challenges! This essential curriculum and facilitation guide will help you meet pregnant adolescents where they are so they can have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy newborn!

· Pregnancy health and wellness
· Labor and delivery
· Breastfeeding
· Newborn care and safety
· Healthy relationships
· Birth Control

This guide includes:

· Comprehensive healthy pregnancy and childbirth education designed specifically for adolescents
· Easy-to-follow facilitation methods to engage adolescents
· Step-by-step methods to maximize learning and comprehension

Positive Strategies to Guide Adolescents Through Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth

  • Training and licensing is open to individuals and organizations outside of Arizona
  • 92% of Starting out Right babies are breastfeeding at time of discharge from hospital
  • Reduction in rapid repeat pregnancy to 8%, compared to 22% of teen parents who have not participated in Starting Out Right program
  • Training consists of 24 hours of content and is held at the Marana, Arizona office or can be held at the organization's location out of the state of Arizona

Real Stories

Testimonials from just a few of our valuable program participants, educators, and community members.

Description: The focus of the Starting Out Right curriculum is to guide young mothers through a healthy pregnancy by providing information on what to anticipate during pregnancy, how to plan for labor, and how to parent their newborn. Starting Out Right offers teen-specific, unbiased facilitation which is grounded in the principles of brain-based learning and assists adolescents in making sense of class material related to pregnancy and parenting. Facilitators of…

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- Starting Out Right Curriculum

Services and support for Pregnant and Parenting Teens AZYP’s Starting Out Right (SOR) program provides community-based health education and supportive services to pregnant and parenting youth ages 21 and younger in Gila, Pima and Maricopa Counties. Health education includes healthy pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and healthy relationship and lifestyle classes and an interactive mobile application. Supportive services include free pregnancy tests, case management, community referrals, goal setting, scholarships, and access to…

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- Starting Out Right, annual summary Year ending 06/30/2020

The Starting Out Right for Teen Parents (SORTP) program provides expectant and parenting youth with an innovative combination of pre- and post-natal supports—including case management, pregnancy and parenting education classes, home visits, and a companion mobile app—to increase their protective factors and reduce the risk of rapid repeat pregnancy. Arizona Youth Partnership plans to refine the SORTP model and conduct a formative evaluation of the program. The goals of this…

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- Office of Population Affairs Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program named the Starting Out Right for Teen Parents as a Successful Strategy!

The Starting Out Right curriculum has recently received the designation of a Promising Practice by the Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs. (AMCHP) Starting Out Right The Promising Practice designation, the third step on the path to the Best Practice designation, is only awarded to a program that has already met the criteria to receive the Cutting Edge and Emerging Practice designations, but is now being evaluated and has…

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- Starting Out Right Curriculum receives designation Julie Glass
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Bella enrolled during her pregnancy when she was 16. Her daughter Arabella was born a couple of months later. Despite being 7 months pregnant at enrollment she still completed all of her Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth Education classes. After her daughter was born she attend our parenting classes, both while Arabella was an infant and again as a toddler a year later. She has remained active throughout her time, coming…

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- Bella Laura Pedersen, RN, MSN; Chief Initiatives Officer, Arizona Youth Partnership

Our first partnering organization for the Starting Out Right curriculum is with the Maine Children's Home of Little Wanderers. The newly certified staff member traveled to Tucson and received training at our Marana office. They expressed an eagerness to take the curriculum into the teenage parent program at the high school in their community to begin making improvements to their outcomes.

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- Starting Out Right in Maine! Laura Pedersen, RN, MSN
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