Starting Out Right Curriculum

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Pregnant adolescents have unique needs and challenges! This essential curriculum and facilitation guide will help you meet pregnant adolescents where they are so they can have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy newborn!

· Pregnancy health and wellness
· Labor and delivery
· Breastfeeding
· Newborn care and safety
· Healthy relationships
· Birth Control

This guide includes:

· Comprehensive healthy pregnancy and childbirth education designed specifically for adolescents
· Easy-to-follow facilitation methods to engage adolescents
· Step-by-step methods to maximize learning and comprehension

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Positive Strategies to Guide Adolescents Through Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth

  • Training and licensing is open to individuals and organizations outside of Arizona
  • 92% of Starting out Right babies are breastfeeding at time of discharge from hospital
  • Reduction in rapid repeat pregnancy to 8%, compared to 22% of teen parents who have not participated in Starting Out Right program
  • Training consists of 24 hours of content and is held at the Marana, Arizona office or can be held at the organization's location out of the state of Arizona
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Laura Pedersen
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