Sober Truth on Preventing Underage Drinking (STOP)

Sober Truth on Preventing Underage Drinking is a youth coalition in the Globe area aiming to lower youth use of alcohol. Partnered with The Copper Corridor Coalition, STOP impacts the Globe area in many ways, including collecting pledges from youth to remain alcohol free during social events. 

Real Stories

Testimonials from just a few of our valuable program participants, educators, and community members.

Illicit Fentanyl (non-prescription NOT manufactured in a legal pharmaceutical facility) abuse is on the rise on Arizona, in epidemic proportions.  It is extremely dangerous and much more powerful than other drugs.  Pills are being found in our communities across Arizona and there is no way to tell by looking at them what they contain.  Fentanyl is being added to other street drugs to increase their potency and drive addiction.  Agencies…

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- Illicit Fentanyl Pills Circulating in Arizona

As part of Prevention Week (May 15-20,2020)  several of our Coalition staff are interviewing people in the community regarding youth substance abuse.    Today, Leo Ventresca,  Prevention Coordinator in Bullhead City, AZ speaks with Ronny Jones, a Peer Support Specialist.  Ronny shared with Leo his story of drug abuse at a young age, and the things he feels may help youth stay away from substance abuse in the future.   For…

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- Prevention Week Story #2

As part of Prevention Week, the communities team has been interviewing members of the community to hear how substance abuse has affected them. Here is one families story.

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- Prevention Week Stories

Arizona Youth Partnership, with funding through the STOP Coalition, hosted National Night Out at The Bullion Plaza in Miami, AZ on August 6th, 2019. Over 150+ community members from the Copper Corridor area attended. Attendees were able to interact with the Gila County Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit, Miami Police Department, Globe Fire, and other local first responders. Air Evac 7 treated the crowd to an excellent landing of the helicopter,…

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- National Night Out brings Miami community, Law Enforcement, together
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