Rx360 is a research-based curriculum to raise awareness of the Rx problem, the risks of misuse, resistance strategies, and methods for proper storage and disposal. RX360 has three different modules, Youth (middle/high school), parents, and community.  

AZYP is proud to present two FREE informational seminars on the danger of prescription drugs and marijuana for youth. Both sessions will include the effects that toxic stress and trauma can have on the brain, and how it can lead to addiction.


Learn about why youth misuse prescription drugs, how to communicate dangers, safeguarding medications, and proper disposal.

July 14th, 2020


Via Zoom

MJ 360

Learn about why marijuana can be a dangerous choice for youth and how marijuana has changed over the years.

July 16th, 2020


Via Zoom

This program engages parents through insightful presentations involving substance use among youth and how parents can start meaningful conversations with their youth on the dangers of substance use and abuse. The goal is for the parents to become their youth’s first line of defense, initial contact and credible resource when they have questions about substance use. 

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Offered during Stronger Families Project and in communities throughout the state
  • 54% increase of parents who talked to their children three to five times in the past 30 days about ATOD
  • Marijuana is the most commonly abused illicit drug in Pima County
  • 12.2% of 8th graders in Pima County have used marijuana (AZ average 14%)
  • 46.1% of 12th graders in Pima County have used marijuana (AZ average 42%)
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Anaiz Acosta anaiz@azyp.org


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