Loving my Future

The Loving My Future program fills service gaps for particularly vulnerable Arizona high school youth populations by teaching Sexual Risk Avoidance and positive youth development activities. These activities significantly reduce the teen’s risk for unplanned pregnancy and instigate cultural shifts away from early sexual debut. 

Loving My Future focuses on six primary care units: youth of Latino and American Indian identities, gender and sexual minority identities, youth with dependency/delinquency court involvement, youth experiencing academic failure, youth experiencing substance use and/or mental health problems, youth living in high crime/high poverty areas, and runaway/homeless youth. 

Over the 36-month project period, staff will deliver the evidence-based Love Notes curriculum, then strengthen the outcomes of the curriculum implementation though five months of site-based Pathways coaching. This coaching will incorporate mentoring, education and career exploration, financial literacy, and first aid/CPR certification to interrupt pathways toward high-risk behaviors. 

Loving My Future

High schools, youth shelters, community
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