Love Notes

Unhealthy relationships, dating violence, and risky sexual behaviors are a serious threat to the well-being and futures of many young people. Love Notes Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) Adaption addresses these issues by building skills and knowledge for healthy relationships of all kinds (romantic, friendly, family, school, and work).  

In 13 lessons, youth learn more about themselves, including how their past has shaped their present and how to make decisions on what they want for their future. They learn what healthy relationships are and are not while building a set of skills, including evidence-based communication and conflict management skills, for developing and maintaining healthy relationships, as well as choosing partners and friends. Parents and trusted adult connection activities offer conversation starters on healthy relationships and on the benefits of leaving sex out of their youthful relationships.

Love Notes meets the National Sexuality Education Standards and is available to middle and high schools, youth centers, group homes and college campuses. 

Love Notes

Available to middle and high schools, youth centers, group homes and college campuses
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College Dating Violence Prevention Workshop

5:00pm Virtual meeting

Learn the signs of healthy versus unhealthy relationships and how to intervene safely if you know someone who may be experiencing an abusive relationship. Monday, April 12th from 5 pm…

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Our Kingman office asked the youth, "How can you light up the world with kindess?"

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- How can you light up the world with kindness?

Choosing the Best Description: CTB is the primary curriculum used for healthy relationship education facilitation. Over the course of 6-9 program hours, youth learn the qualities of a healthy relationship, warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, assertiveness and communication skills, responsible social media use, and about sexual health topics such as STIs and contraception and the importance of waiting until a healthy relationship like marriage before engaging in sexual activity.…

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- Healthy Relationship Education Programs; year end summary FY2019-20 this class, and I found out how to really express myself and it probably doesn't seem like it, but this class did show me how to cope better with myself [when I am angry}"

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- “I liked how open I could be.. Love Notes program attendee

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness about sexual assault and educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual violence. Inspired by an idea from Michael Starkey, the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator at Davis Monthan Air Base, students in several Sexual Risk Avoidance programs painted rocks. Painting the rocks teal and with inspirational sayings and leaving them on campus served to create awareness among…

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- Painted rocks teach awareness, beautify campus Dominique Cruz, Program Coordinator
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