Choosing the Best

Choosing the Best uses a Sexual Risk Avoidance curriculum that positively emphasizes delaying sex until marriage, making healthy choices, and providing medically accurate information on contraception failure rates.  

Choosing the Best is a 6-8-hour program that helps youth learn about peer pressure, media pressure, assertiveness skills and the risks of early sexual involvement. The youth will also learn about effective communication with parents. All participants must have parental permission to attend. 

For more information on the Choosing the Best Curriculum, click here. The Choosing the Best program is offered through a collaboration with Pima Prevention Partnership.

Choosing the Best has gone virtual! Contact us below to see how you can sign up!

Choosing the Best

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Choosing the Best Description: CTB is the primary curriculum used for healthy relationship education facilitation. Over the course of 6-9 program hours, youth learn the qualities of a healthy relationship, warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, assertiveness and communication skills, responsible social media use, and about sexual health topics such as STIs and contraception and the importance of waiting until a healthy relationship like marriage before engaging in sexual activity.…

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- Healthy Relationship Education Programs; year end summary FY2019-20

It was Valentine's day and we did a Parent Night in Show Low. We had already taught in the school so we knew lots of the students and parents. One family came up and thanked me for teaching. They said that they were glad for the homework to do as a family and although it was uncomfortable at first, that they were all glad they did it together.

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- Parent Night in Show low Nancy Mitchell Healthy Relationship Instructor
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