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Rather than only teaching information about drugs themselves, Botvin’s Life Skills Training consists of three major components that cover the critical domains found to promote drug use. 

Drug Resistance Skills– Participants will learn to recognize and challenge common misconceptions about Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug use (ATOD). Though coaching and practice, students will acquire practical ATOD resistance skills for dealing with peers and media pressure to engage in the use of these substances. 

Personal Self-Management Skills– Students will learn how to examine their self-image and its effects on behavior; set goals and keep track of personal progress; identify everyday decisions and how they may be influenced by others; analyze problem situations and consider the consequences of each solution before making decisions; reduce stress and anxiety; and look at personal challenges in a positive light. 

General Social Skills– Students will develop the necessary skills to overcome shyness, communicate effectively to avoid misunderstandings, initiate and carry out conversations, handle social requests, utilize both verbal and non-verbal assertiveness skills to make or refuse requests, and recognize that they have choices other than aggression or passivity when faced with tough situations. 

Research shows that students who develop skills in these three domains are far less likely to engage in a wide range of high-risk behaviors. Botvin’s Life Skills Training has proven to effectively strengthen these skills in middle and high schools throughout the state. 

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Real Stories

Testimonials from just a few of our valuable program participants, educators, and community members.

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WakeUP Description: Wake Up is an alcohol and drug education program that targets offenders 12-22 years of age. It is designed to address behaviors and attitudes towards drugs and alcohol by exposing youth to real life consequences of impaired decision making. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their beliefs about alcohol and drug use and its effects on their lives: themselves, family, friends and community.  Outcomes: 187 youth…

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