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Adverse Childhood Experiences Training (ACES)

Arizona Youth Partnership is proud to present Adverse Childhood Experiences Training (ACES)

What is an ACE?

An adverse childhood experience is trauma that occurs before age 18.

Recurrent physical abuse

Recurrent emotional abuse

Contact Sexual abuse

Alcohol and/or drug abuse in the household.

An incarcerated household member

Household member who was depressed, mental ill, institutionalized or suicidal

Mother who was treated violently

One or no parent

Emotional or physical neglect

When adults were asked if they grew up with exposure to any of the above, the higher the number of exposure had a direct correlation to certain health, social, and economic risks as an adult.

The ACE study suggests that certain childhood experiences are major risk factors for the leading causes of illness and death in the US.

2019 Arizona Adverse Childhood Experiences Consortium

Who needs this training?

This FREE training is available to anyone who wants to understand the impact of ACEs on the health and well-being of Arizona youth.

The study of the impact of ACEs is not a treatment or program, but a movement, to equip communities with the skills to better understand the benefit of prevention and understanding of Adverse Childhood Experiences

This training would be a great benefit to anyone who has regular contact with youth!

Teachers, coaches, pastors, scout leaders, camp counselors, activities directors, youth employers, members of law enforcement, medical professionals.

This virtual training can be taken anywhere via zoom! Upon registration you will receive zoom call information.

Some Facts about ACEs Training

  • Nearly 70,000 Arizona children have 5 or more ACES
  • 44.4% of Arizona children ages 12-17 have two or more ACES


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