Privacy Policy

Arizona Youth Partnership (AZYP) respects the privacy of its participants and donors.  

AZYP collects three categories of digital and hard copy information, which are provided by participants and donors themselves. 1) Contact information; 2) History of participation, donations and solicitations; 3) Notes on staff interactions, connections to the community, and miscellaneous information provided to AZYP by the member and donors via letters, phone conversations, emails, and in person. This information is used for communication and to ensure AZYP keeps accurate records.  

Participants and donors may write to the Executive Director, Arizona Youth Partnership, 13644 N. Sandario Rd. to request a review of the personal information collected and request corrections.  

AZYP will not rent or sell personal information regarding its participants and donors.  

AZYP keeps donors and participation information private.  AZYP invests in security measures to protect the personal information of its participants and donors. All online financial transactions are done over a secure site. Credit card information is destroyed as soon as the transaction is completed. AZYP pays for digital security of its files, data bases, and online content, and its hard copy files are in locked offices.