How can we start a program in our community?

If we are not in your community fill out this form

to inquire about starting a program in your community. Or Call (520)-744-9595.

Where does my donation go ?

Each donation goes towards the crucial development of creating young leaders in our communities, empowering youth families and community to continue to thrive for a better tomorrow.

Do I have to pay a fee in order to participate in a program?

  • Our Wake UP program requires a fee but all our other programs are FREE!  

What are the age requirements for youth to participate in programs?

Age requirements differ for all our programs. Contact us for further details. 

How can youth & families enroll in a program?

You can enroll in our programs by calling (520)-744-9595 or by contacting us when you click here.

Where are you located?

We have several offices across the state. Link here to find a link to each of our offices. 

Who is AZYP?

We are a non-profit organization that was started in 1990 by a group of Pima County concerned citizens that felt there was a need to provide youth and families with the adequate resources they needed in order to live healthy successful lives. We have since then expanded into a statewide organization serving over 6 counties across the state. Offering a variety of programs addressing the needs of all the communities we serve across the state.

What’s the purpose of your programs?

Each of our programs have a different purpose but with the same goal in mind of empowering youth and families to make healthy choices that will help them to live healthy successful lives. 

Are you a new organization?

Our organization has been around since 1990 but we had a different name at the time called Pima Youth Partnership, where we only served citizens of Pima County then we expanded and changed our identity because we saw a greater need for our services, programs across the state hence the name, Arizona Youth Partnership. 

Do you offer volunteer and internship opportunities?

Yes, we offer volunteer and internship opportunities, link here to find a link to the request form. Make sure you specify which location you are interested in volunteering and interning at. For more information call (520)-744-9595.

Are you a faith-based organization?


Is abstinence the focus for all your programs?

Abstinence is NOT the focus of our programs. Each of our programs cover different content. Some of our programs are sexual risk avoidance programs meaning they provide a holistic approach to abstinence while discussing a variety of topics that are crucial when it comes to developmental growth of youth and family stability.