Building Futures for Families

The Building Futures for Families Program combines job and career development with relationship education and is offered to individuals in Pima and Gila counties. Our goal is to help our participants strengthen their marriage and committed relationship, family, and work relationships by offering fun and informative relationship workshops while also assisting participants with job searching, resume building, and other career development services through caring case management. Resource Rooms and assistance are available for participants and the community in Globe, Marana, and Tucson.

Relationship Education offered through Building Futures for Families:

PAIRS Essentials provides tools for increasing self-knowledge and understanding within your personal relationships. Couples attend the workshop together and learn tools to increase relationship fulfillment, communication and problem-solving skills. Tools learned can also be used to improve relationships in the workplace.

Strengthening Families Program (10-14) provides families with children ages 10-14 with tools to boost family unity. The program is designed for families who want to increase communication, understanding among family members, and want to have fun. Parents will learn usable parenting tools to help their youth transition into the teen years, while youth learn tools to overcome peer pressure.

Connections: Relationships & Marriage is offered to high school students to increase interpersonal relationship skills. Students learn about themselves and others though a series of lessons focusing on Personality, Relationships, Communication, and Marriage. Students also learn about school and career development.

In addition, all relationship workshops include financial literacy education.

For more information about the Building Futures for Families Program, services and assistance offered please contact Gauri Gladish, Program Director at 520-744-9595 x 132 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Building Futures for Families


Increase in Abuse Prevention skills= 80%

Increase in Budgeting skills= 78%

Increase in Communication skills= 80%

Increase in Conflict Resolution skills= 83%

Increase in Parenting skills= 85%